Don’t you know that you can earn extra money with your vehicle?

Don’t you know that you can earn extra money with your vehicle?

Nowadays, the prices of basic needs such as food and clothes are getting higher and higher. The same is true with utility bills as well as rental fees. No wonder why a lot of people are looking for a second job. Some of them even leave their nine-to-five jobs and grab their chances in the business world.

So, if you too are looking for ways to earn extra cash, you have many options. Do you have a car? Don’t you know that you can earn extra money with your vehicle with or without you behind the wheel? Yes, that is right! You can drive your car yourself, or you can have someone drive it while you earn money. Read on and find out more right here.

How to earn cash using your car

Rent it out at the airport

gdd74Airport transfer is very popular these days. You can drop off travelers to the airport, and you can pick up arriving passengers too. When you drive your car to the airport, you can even take advantage of free parking as well as car wash at no cost.

You can also contact the different companies that offer you to get paid per mile depending on how old your vehicle is and its model. With this, you can earn unlimited income. You can do this as a sideline or full time job.

Independent taxi

Another way for you to earn some money using your own car is to become an independent taxi. You can call companies like Uber and Lyft. This will allow you to offer rides on your own schedule.

With your daily trips, you can make money if you can find riders that need to go the same way you are going.

Moving billboard

Today, advertising companies are also utilizing the so-called “moving billboards”. You can sign up and have them wrap your vehicle with their marketing materials. You will get paid while you drive around and the amount will be based on your daily commute and also on the size of your automobile.

Transport large items

gdhgd4If your vehicle is big enough to accommodate large items, you can offer to transport them. You can do this if somebody needs to move to a new studio type apartment, dormitory, or deliver party needs.

There are other more things that you can do with your car so you can get some money. You can be your own boss. However, you need to make sure that you get the necessary paperwork that is required in your location to conduct business using your automobile.…

Tips You Should Know Before Recycling Your Phone For Cash

Tips You Should Know Before Recycling Your Phone For Cash

It comes, this time, you want to get a new phone, because you want to get something better or because the other phone is broken. One might want to sell the old phone to add on cash to buying the new device. Phones in good working condition, original packaging will earn you good cash. A dollar or two will also be earned from old broken phones.


The tips below will help you through the recycling process and earn some cash at the end of the day from your phone


Raid the closet

esdfgsdfhIf you have a single phone you want to get cash from, you can look in all drawers and get other dusty phones that you might have forgotten they existed. You can also collect all other electronics in the house and make cash out of them. Some people hold onto to phones in the name of helping family or friends when they want spare parts, but it comes a time you have to let go.

Shop around to get the best buyers

Do not sell your device to the first vendor you land into. Also, consider other store vendors apart from the online ones. This will help you compare prices and get the one who gives the best for your device.

Know the means of payment

Before giving out your device for sell, want to know how you will receive your payment. Online vendors will offer to pay via PayPal, a cash card, or offer you a check. Retailers will offer you a cash gift card, or hand you cash if you purchased the device from their store and had a receipt as prove. Ensure the method of payment you choose is convenient for you.

Never throw away old phones

3sdwertyIf you have devices that no one will pay for, do not throw them in the dustbin, take them to a Reseller and they will give you another device like a charger for them. Also, consider donating the phones, it makes a difference in somebody else life.

Plan in advance

A phone’s lifespan is shorter than most electronics, some dispose of phones after a year and a half, this means you have a lot of time to plan on how to dispose of that device. Plan in time if you want to sell it to a Resellers or online stores, this will give you time to research on the best paying.…

Tips For Choosing A Business Office For Rent

Tips For Choosing A Business Office For Rent

If you are planning either to start or expand your business in Kuala Lumpur, it is quite obvious that you have seen adverts or posters reading office for rent Kuala Lumpur in your search. Whether you go online or visit agents, these writings will be all over their walls and websites. When hunting for an office, it can sometimes be confusing, and one ends up not knowing who to trust for a good office at the end of the day.

Below are tips that will help you get the best office from the many adverts or posters reading “Office For Rent” in Kuala Lumpur



Consider location

The location is among the most important factors one should consider when choosing an office. We all know that the location of an office has a great impact on the success of business. You cannot risk or make a wrong decision concerning the location of your office. An office should be located in an area secure for both employees and clients. Secondly and most importantly it should be in an accessible area for clients to easily locate you. If your office is in a hidden place, clients will be lost looking for you, and might choose another person whom they can reach fast.



esdfcdfgvhIt is very wrong getting an office which will give you trouble paying rent months down the line. Get an office within your budget considering your business’s financial strength. An office should not at any time be the cause of financial crisis for your organization. Remember the aim of every business is to make a profit. Renting an office you cannot afford is a sign of failure. Get an office you are not struggling to pay for, If you find yourself struggling, then you made the wrong choice.


Office layout

We have different layouts one can choose from. This is however determined by the type of equipment one has as well as the number of employees. Choose a layout that will not make your office seem congested and that which carries all your equipment comfortably.


Do not insist on getting an office in the CBD

esdfcxcgvhbMost people struggle to get an office in the CBD of a city. This is however not a good choice as the charges, and rent is quite high. Due to the congestion in the city, it is quite a difficult to get the space you might need for your office. Try getting an affordable and more spacious office further away from the CBD.…