Message from the President of the Three-member Administration Council of the Administrative Court of Appeal of Athens

The spectacular development of information technologies leads to the information society, which will be the outcome of radical economic and social changes. For this reason, computer knowledge is required in every workplace, including traditional ones such as justice, and modern judges must become familiar with this technology.

In this connection, we are very pleased with the fact that the computer system is now fully operative at the largest Administrative Court of Appeal of the country, the Administrative Court of Appeal of Athens.

In the context of the main objectives of this internet portal, namely citing the case law of the Administrative Court of Appeal of Athens and informing parties about the progress of their cases, since it relates to case law searches by judges implementing the law, I feel that the following points must be underlined: Apart from knowledge and skills to be acquired with this process, it is imperative that judges do not turn into wan technocrats who use this tool as “the mouth of the law” according to Montesquieu; they must preserve their intellectual powers in order to tackle the problem with penetrating perception, judge and rule without relying on legal information provided by this new technology.

Finally, I would like to extend my gratitude to judges and court officers who have been working tirelessly to complete this project of paramount importance for the operation of the Court.

Athens, October 2008
Irini Kyriou